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Savor the flavor

Welcome to the Infusion Hot Sauce Company, home of FIREPOWER, MANGO BANGO, DRAGONFIRE, and HYPERNOVA. These are serious sauces, the real deal, made in small batches with fresh chilies, garlic, and vinegar. We use a secret process that makes these sauces explode with flavor. Kick it up a level? Infusion Hot Sauces will take your meals to a whole new dimension. Our big, bold, fresh flavor will enhance whatever you cook. We love the sauces on eggs, potatoes, barbecue, stews, grilled seafood and meats. Speaking of meat, have you met Mr. Pig? Our new Mr. Pig Pork Rub is perfect for pork ribs, shoulders and chops. Rub it in for flavor that cooks bone deep!

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Dragon Fire
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Mango Bango
Really Hot and Sweet
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Fire Power
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Hyper Nova
Really Hot
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Mr. Pig Pork Rub
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For chefs, cooks and restaurateurs

Infusion Hot Sauce Company can make custom batches for your flavor profile. You pick the type of chilies. We'll get started personalizing a sauce using our secret process. Perfect for use in restaurants, as a table top condiment, or private labeling. For chefs, cooks, and restaurateurs email us at: alank@infusionhotsauce.com

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