Infusion Hot Sauce Company

Welcome to Infusion Hot Sauce Company

Welcome to Infusion Hot Sauce Company

Welcome to Infusion Hot Sauce CompanyWelcome to Infusion Hot Sauce Company
Infusion Hot Sauce Company

Welcome to Infusion Hot Sauce Company

Welcome to Infusion Hot Sauce Company

Welcome to Infusion Hot Sauce CompanyWelcome to Infusion Hot Sauce CompanyWelcome to Infusion Hot Sauce Company


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 Infusion Hot Sauce Company is excited to announce the culmination of years planning, research and testing  Magic Maryland  Cannabis CBD hot sauce will soon be a reality. Infusion Hot Sauce Company does not make any medical claims. There is voluminous anecdotal evidence that these compounds are beneficial. We are using an all natural extraction process. Magic  Maryland  Cannabis is growing two organic strains, Cherry Wine and Mango Mountain. Cherry Wine will be available first. It is a blend of The Wife and Charlotte’s Cherries, two high-CBD strains. Aroma of sweet cherry with hints of cheese and black pepper. Mango Mountain is sweet and sticky notes of hops and cinnamon and a piney orange finish. Working with the University of Maryland and the Maryland Department of Agriculture this crop is part of the first 100% legal cannabis grown in the state. Magic Maryland  Cannabis high grade hemp is being harvested and cured. The first bottles should be available for sale by Thanksgiving. Immediately available for purchase is the CBD flower.  

Infusion Hot Sauce Company is home of FIREPOWER, MANGO BANGO, DRAGONFIRE, and HYPERNOVA. These are serious sauces, the real deal, made in small batches with fresh chilies, garlic, and vinegar. We use a secret process that makes these sauces explode with flavor. Kick it up a level? Infusion Hot Sauces will take your meals to a whole new dimension. Our big, bold, fresh flavor will enhance whatever you cook. We love the sauces on eggs, potatoes, barbecue, stews, grilled seafood and meats. Speaking of meat, have you met Mr. Pig? Our new Mr. Pig Pork Rub is perfect for pork ribs, shoulders and chops. Rub it in for flavor that cooks bone deep!

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Our Story


It started with a bumper crop of hot peppers. When a friend planted too many chilies in his backyard garden, our founder, Alan Kuzminsky knew just what to do. “We'll make hot sauce!”

That first batch, called Beelzebub's Nectar, was brewed up in the back yard. Don't worry, we produce Infusion Hot Sauces in a modern bottling facility now. It was such a hit we knew we were on to something. Something good, something strong, something we could take pride in making, and offer to people who love to cook and eat.

Infusion Hot Sauce was founded by Alan Kuzminsky. Cooking since the age of six, Alan started out helping with family holiday meals. Since then he has worked in all types of restaurants, holding every conceivable position in food production. In the 90's Alan moved to the supply side. Based in the Seafood Market at the Maryland Food Distribution Center, Alan served as an executive chef for commercial product development and designing international flight menus.

Alan 's love of cooking has lead to participation in competitive cooking contests in the Washington, DC area. His efforts over the years have consistently placed him in the top five out of hundreds of entrants.

Our Mission


"Hot sauces for people who love to cook and eat."

Fresh Ingredients
The heat in our sauces comes from fresh chilies. We use fresh garlic and the finest vinegar. Instead of emulsifiers, or dried out stuff found lying around in a warehouse, we go to the garden, pick the ripest ingredients, and start from scratch. Then we add salt, sugar, and spices. We guarantee we don't use anything we can't pronounce.

Painstaking Attention to Detail
We make DRAGONFIRE, FIREPOWER, HYPERNOVA and MANGO BANGO in small batches, with painstaking attention to detail. We infuse the vinegar by a secret process. We macerate the chili mixture until the sauce reaches the pinnacle of perfection. When the sauce will taste just right, we blend the mixture, strain the seeds, and fill our bottles

The Right Recipe
DRAGONFIRE, FIREPOWER, HYPERNOVA, MANGO BANGO and MISTER PIG come from a talented chef, not a big corporation. Years of hard won experience behind a stove have honed his talent and ability. In the trenches of the nation's kitchens and food competitions he created just the right flavor profile for DRAGONFIRE, FIREPOWER, HYPERNOVA, MANGO BANGO and MISTER PIG.

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Do you have questions or comments about our products? We love to hear from our customers. Send us a message, and we will get back to you soon.

Hot enough for ya? The Infusion Hot Sauce Company can hand craft batches to meet your needs. Hotter? We can do that! Sweeter? Not a problem. Just ask. Our secret is based on food chemistry (not chemicals). We can design a sauce for your personal taste profile. Need a specialty hot sauce for your restaurant? Just ask abou

Infusion Hot Sauce Company

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Returns and Exchanges

 At your 100% satisfaction is our primary goal. If you are not happy with your product purchase we will exchange it or refund your problem and no hassle.

Please inspect your order immediately and contact us right away at:
If by chance a package is delivered damaged we will work quickly to resolve the issue. Repackage the products in the original shipping box, include a copy of your invoice, and follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact us within 15 days of receiving your order to let us know you will be making a return. In your email please include your Name, shipping address and invoice number.  We will provide you with a return shipping address label.
  2. Please send your return package via UPS or U.S. Parcel Post.  Unopened items must be received in a saleable condition. Make sure the items are well protected and packaged similar to the way you received them. Whenever possible, use the same packaging that was used to ship the items to you. We cannot refund your money on items damaged due to your improper packaging.
  3. Once we receive your return package, we will issue you a refund for the price of the products you returned (including tax, if any). If you paid by credit card, we will charge-back the amount to your credit card. If you paid by check or money order, we will mail you a check. If you are returning an item because it arrived damaged, we will refund you the shipping costs to return the item to us.
  4. Please allow up to 10 days for to process your refund. We will contact you via e-mail to inform you that the refund has been issued.